How To Get Through Hard Times with Speaker and Author Antonio Neves

How To Get Through Hard Times

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A few years ago I found myself walking the streets of Juneau, Alaska. Immediately, I knew that something off.

You see, it was raining. But no one, except me, was using an umbrella. No one.
It didn’t make any sense.

So, I walked up to a local to solve this mystery. The guy I approached was wearing glasses and they were covered with large droplets of water from the rain as was his jacket, pants and shoes.

“I’m from out of town,” I said, stating the obvious. “I noticed that no one is using an umbrella. Why is that?”

He looked me and my large umbrella up and down and thought about my question for a good 10 seconds.

“You know man, it’s just water,” he said.

I was floored. At once, everything in this moment and beyond made sense.

Before I could say anything more, he walked away.

It’s just water.

Indeed, it’s just water.

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