What To Do When You Want To Give Up by Author and Speaker Antonio Neves

What To Do When You Want To Give Up

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At some point in life we may find ourselves wanting to give up on something. Here’s what to do when you want to give up.

What we’re actually giving up can vary. It could be a career, a relationship, a business, a project, whatever. But the point is, we’re ready to throw in the towel.

I was reminded of this during a trip to Nicaragua, where I didn’t go to give up on anything, but rather to build something.

One morning as I walked around a sleepy Nicaraguan surfing town, I stumbled into a café seeking some wifi. Immediately upon entering, I knew something was off.

The interior of the bar contrasted with the city. Outside it was sunny, fresh and bright. Inside it was dark, dank and smokey.

Though yet 9 am, the bar was full with ex-pats nursing alcoholic beverages and chain-smoking cigarettes. The faces of the people at the bar looked tired. Worn out. Depressed.

People didn’t come to this place to seek free wifi. They came to this place to give up. At least that’s what my gut told me.

I knew that the longer I stayed in this place, the worse I would feel. Hell, I was almost ready to grab a drink and a cigarette and join the club.

So, I got the hell out of there.

Right after stepping outside, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. In an attempt to boost my spirits, I sought out another café. And I found one. Just two doors down.

This place was the exact opposite of the first.

It was bright and airy. The walls and the music were colorful. The patrons wore smiles on their faces. Instead of alcohol in their mugs, there was fresh squeezed juices and herbal tea.

My energy level immediately spiked. Who knew this place was just two doors down?

Sometimes during a rough patch, when it’s easy to give up, we have to be careful where and how we spend our time and energy.

During challenging times it’s easy to find the dark place where we’re surrounded by our vices. These could be substances, people that don’t make us better or environments that take energy away from us.

The good thing is that if we’re patient, and willing to “look around,” we can find the perfect place that energizes us, where people support us and where we feel empowered.

This is the place where we’re pushed to be the best version of ourselves.

So next time you find yourself ready to give up, pay close attention to your surroundings. What you need most could be just two doors down.

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