Top 7 Must Read Newsletters for Men in 2024

Top 7 Must Read Newsletters for Men in 2024


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In an era where time is a luxury, and information overload is all too common, discerning men need a trusted source to distill the noise into coherent, valuable insights.

Here are the top 7 must read newsletters for men in 2024.

Newsletters, especially curated for men’s unique challenges and aspirations, offer a beacon of knowledge and inspiration.

For the driven, married professional man who juggles fatherhood with personal ambitions, these seven newsletters in 2024 are essential tools to stay informed, inspired, and in-step with the latest in men’s lifestyle, health, career, and personal development.

Man Morning: Your Weekly Dose of Growth

Hands down, Man Morning is the top newsletter for growth-driven men who are committed to getting better.

With its finger firmly on the pulse of modern manhood, along with being direct and raw, Man Morning has established itself as more than a newsletter – it’s a movement with chapters popping up across the country.

Every week, it delivers not just content but a call to action – to live deliberately, make money, parent with purpose, and lead with integrity.

In every issue, you’ll find lessons, stories, and insights to help you elevate your personal and professional growth.

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Thrive 25: Smarter, Better, Longer Living

Imagine starting your day with a mentor who speaks directly to the health and vitality of the modern man. Thrive 25 is that mentor.

Each issue is a treasure chest, brimming with advice on fitness and nutrition for men, men’s mental health and stress management, and the little-known secrets to longevity.

Thrive 25 understands that a man’s health is his wealth and provides a roadmap for thriving physically and mentally well into the golden years.

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Harder To Kill: Weekend Wisdom for Survival

There’s a warrior in every man, and Harder To Kill speaks to that primal instinct – not just to survive but to flourish.

Each weekend, it serves up a hearty dose of fitness and mental resilience tactics, making it the go-to source for men over 50 who are committed to outperforming their younger selves.

It’s not just about being fit; it’s about being fit for purpose and longevity, fit for life’s challenges, and fit to set an example for the next generation.

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Greg Isenberg’s Newsletter: Fuel Your Creativity

In a digital age, the men who lead are the men who innovate. Greg Isenberg’s Newsletter is for those who seek to turn the ether of ideas into concrete reality.

Each issue is a masterclass in community building, product development, and the startup mindset.

With over 70,000 readers, it’s a hub where creative juices flow, providing actionable insights into creating digital landscapes where communities can thrive.

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10 Bullets from Zach Pogrob: A Saturday Spark

Every Saturday, Zach Pogrob’s Ten Bullets ignites the creative spark that lives in every man. It’s a fusion of art, entrepreneurship, and the relentless pursuit of one’s life’s work.

Each bulletin is a morsel of motivation, a reminder that to create is to be human, and to build businesses or create art is to leave an indelible mark on the world.

For the man who seeks more than just a job, this newsletter is a weekly wake-up call.

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5 Tweet Tuesday from Shaan Puri: A Weekly Twitter Digest

The wisdom of the masses, distilled into five tweets – that’s the genius of Shaan Puri’s 5 Tweet Tuesday.

It’s a snapshot of the zeitgeist, capturing the pulse of marketing, leadership, and business strategy.

For the man who understands that a tweet can be a thesis, a joke, or a jackpot, this newsletter is a treasure trove of insights, curated with a discerning eye for value and a penchant for humor.

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Sahil Bloom’s Curiosity Chronicle: Build a High-Performing Life

For those who view life as a relentless pursuit of excellence, Sahil Bloom’s Curiosity Chronicle is the wind beneath your wings.

Twice a week, it delivers actionable ideas to enhance performance across all domains – personal health, wealth creation, and mental acuity.

It’s for the man who recognizes that to lead effectively, one must first lead oneself to a place of robust health and unshakeable well-being.

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Each of these newsletters brings a unique blend of wisdom, wit, and actionable advice, curated to guide you through the multifaceted journey of modern manhood.

They’re more than just reading material; they are blueprints for living a life of purpose, balance, and continuous improvement.

Embrace the wisdom offered by these newsletters. Subscribe, read, and apply their insights to become the best version of yourself – a better professional, a better father, a better husband.

Share your journey with and let us know how these newsletters have helped shape your path to success. The road to self-betterment is not one to walk alone; let these newsletters be your guide and companion on this lifelong adventure.

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