The Best Thing Podcast with Ellen McGirt from Fortune's raceAhead Newsletter

Episode 32 – Ellen McGirt

How We Find Courage Through Vulnerability


5 Questions To Change Your Life

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In this episode of The Best Thing, I talk talk to award-winning journalist, Ellen McGirt.

Ellen covers race, culture, and leadership in a twice-weekly newsletter for Fortune called ‘raceAhead.’ In her heralded career, Ellen has written for Time, Money, and Fast Company, where she wrote or contributed to more than 20 cover stories.

In a powerful conversation that led to many tears, Ellen shares how selling makeup products door to door as an 11-year-old transformed her life.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • What makes a good story
  • Ellen’s experience with Facebook Inc.
  • How Ellen builds trust with A-Listers 
  • How Ellen feels after writing a story
  • The word “I”
  • Don’t have an opinion until you have an opinion
  • The best thing that ever happened to Ellen
  • Being an 11-year-old Avon Lady
  • What causes Ellens drive growing up
  • Moral Imagination

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