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Episode 31 – Chip Conley

What You Can Learn From A Near Death Experience


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In this episode of The Best Thing, Antonio Neves talks to New York Times bestselling author and the founder of the Modern Elder Academy, Chip Conley.

In a compelling conversation, they talk about Chip’s experience flatling nine times at a hospital, essentially dying, and how this life-altering event shifted and reshaped his life.

If you feel like time is passing you by, and you missed your window of opportunity, this episode is the reminder you need that it is never too take to create the life you always wanted.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Meet Chip Conley
  • Believing that the best is ahead of you, not behind you
  • Productivity to presence
  • What is the career cul de sac?
  • Moving from proving yourself to improving yourself
  • The modern elder academy: who is it for?
  • Curiosity is the elixir of life
  • The best thing that ever happened to Chip
  • Dying is not the worst thing that can happen to you
  • Beauty is right there in your life, you’ve just gotta slow down to see it
  • Attain mode vs. Attune mode
  • Death is not a pre-requisite for a big life shift
  • Transition vs. change
  • Anybody at any age can cultivate and harvest their wisdom

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