Don't Take It Personally with Kim Kaupe

Episode 77 – Don’t Take It Personally with Kim Kaupe


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In this episode of The Best Thing, Antonio Neves talks to entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and one-of-a-kind teacher, Kim Kaupe.

From worldwide stages to her online courses, Kim’s mission of investing in yourself, your career and your network has garnered her worldwide acclaim.

On LinkedIn alone, Kim has served over 60,000+ students through her entrepreneur-focused LinkedIn learning courses. During the episode, Antonio and Kim discuss the importance of not taking it personally.

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Kim’s current company, Bright Ideas Only, is a marketing and fan engagement based agency. The company works with powerhouse, A-list properties such as Oprah, the New York Mets, Miller Coors, and Paul McCartney to create new programs, revenue streams and branding.

Some cool facts about Kim: she was included in Forbes 30 under 30 list, she served as a judge for 2019 Miss USA Pageant, and one of her previous companies was featured on season 5 of ABC’s hit primetime show, Shark Tank.

Quick Episode Summary

  • Get to know Kim
  • Why Kim choices to call herself a “teacher”
  • How Kim can connect with anyone
  • How “Coffee with Kim” on began 
  • Why Kim decided to leverage LinkedIn
  • Living in the present 
  • Life as a recovering “people pleaser”
  • The art of following up
  • The importance of reintroducing yourself

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