How to Completely Change Your Life by Stop Living on Autopilot Author Antonio Neves

How To Completely Change Your Life

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You want to change your life completely?

Brace yourself. It’s about to get real.

Write down the year that you were born on a piece of paper.

For example: 1980.

Now, write down a dash after the year like this: 1980 –

Then, add 80 to the year that you were born and put it after the dash like this:

19 8 0 – 2 0 6 0.

What you see on that piece of paper or screen in front of you is roughly the average lifespan of someone existing in the United States.

I write existing because that’s what most are doing, simply existing instead of living.

Sure, you may live longer. Or, you may kick the bucket sooner. Regardless, this makes things crystal clear. You are going to die. Now you have a rough idea of when that could happen.

How does seeing what could be your life span make you feel? Anxious? Fearful? Do you want to take shots of tequila?

The time we live is the dash, that short dash, between when we’re born and when we die.

When you truly accept that this thing called life is not forever, you start to make decisions that can change your life completely. Sometimes even overnight.

This is how to completely change your life.

My hope is that after taking a few deep breaths, seeing these dates in black and white will provide you with more clarity and acceptance that your ride isn’t forever.

That it’ll serve as a reminder to start living a life worth living. You have a say in this.

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