Performing Under Pressure with Dr. Brett McCabe on The Best Thing Podcast with Antonio Neves

Episode 44 – Performing Under Pressure with Dr. Bhrett McCabe


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In this episode of The Best Thing podcast, Antonio Neves talks to Dr. Bhrett McCabe about performing under pressure.

Combining his championship experience as a national championship-winning athlete with his clinical training as a psychologist, Dr. McCabe helps competitors in all arenas break free from their patterns of struggle, reframe their respective mindsets, and experience massive results.

Dr. McCabe is trusted by the top athletic departments in the country. He works with the University of Alabama national championship football team as their performance psychologist along with working with the most elite professional athletes across the NBA, PGA, and NFL.

In this episode, Dr. McCabe shares how experiencing a devastating injury as a college baseball player changed his life.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Introducing Dr. Bhrett McCabe
  • How Bhrett rose to the top level
  • Bhrett on psychology in college athletics
  • Bhrett on mental resilience
  • Uncertainty leads to creative freedom
  • 2020 Hindsight/ thoughts
  • The best thing for Bhrett
  • You have to fight for yourself
  • Allow your coach to coach you
  • The importance of consistency

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