People Notice Effort with Jeremy Hassell on The Best Thing Podcast with Antonio Neves

Episode 56 – People Notice Effort with Jeremy Hassell


5 Questions To Change Your Life

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In this episode of The Best Thing podcast, Antonio Neves talks to television host, reporter and pop culture expert, Jeremy Hassell. They talk about how people notice effort.

During his stellar career, Jeremy has worked with major networks like MTV, E! News, People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and countless others outlets. Currently the trivia host for Reward the Fan.

With his electric personality, Jeremy has mastered the art of making people talk freely about themselves in a fun and unpredictable environment. He has had fascinating interviews with everyone from Donald Trump to P Diddy to Lady Gaga to Jennifer Lopez to Matthew McConaughey, to Madonna and countless others.

In an energetic conversation, Jeremy talks about the life changing lesson he learned from his big brother when he got cut from the 7th grade basketball team.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Get to know Jeremy 
  • How style plays into your success
  • The art of connecting 
  • The cheat code to success
  • Jeremy’s uncommon path
  • Why podcast is Antonio’s favorite form of media 
  • Jeremy’s answer to “The Best Thing”
  • The two most important lessons Jeremy has learned 
  • One thing all great coaches have in common 
  • The best people to surround yourself with 
  • It’s not all about you
  • Jeremy’s secret to living with joy

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