Time To Leave Your Job?

Time To Leave Your Job?


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So, you’ve found success doing it “the right way”. College.  Landing a “great opportunity” at a “great company” and working your way up the corporate ladder. You may even have a corner office, are a recognized leader, and blaze trails in your industry. But…is it time to leave your job?

Here’s what you know: even though your reputation precedes you, your career doesn’t energize you anymore.

You can’t mark the date you were last excited to enter the workplace. There hasn’t been a confidence-boosting event that reassured your professional decision in a while. No moment that affirmed the sacrifices and frustration weren’t all in vain. 

On paper, life is sweet, but you’re secretly unfulfilled. 

You may be asking yourself, is it time to leave your job?

Before you answer, let’s tackle what made the lightbulb turn off. Was it instant or a slow dim? Can you detail the event that confirmed your feelings about that “season” of life being over – at least in the current capacity? Has it been weeks, months, or even years since you’ve wanted to take a leap into something new?

I know firsthand what it feels and looks like to be stuck, in a rut, and to not know how to make those next big decisions. Remaining in a situation that no longer serves you can quickly go from bearable to toxic. 

After some hard-won lessons, I also know what it’s like to make those tough decisions to reimagine my future and course-correct my life.

For over 10 years—with my coaching, books, and speaking—I’ve helped people across the world do the exact same thing. Now, I want to help you move past the turmoil, anxiety, and fear to start a new chapter in your life.

Whenever I start coaching sessions with a new client, I ask a simple question:

“Based on your last 30 days of work would your company rehire you?

Many would answer, “Absolutely!” But it’s probably not the honest answer. Your feelings about the area of life that no longer fits are revealed through your actions, words, and choices whether you’ve shared them verbally. Those closest to you have more than likely been affected by your discomfort. But you owe it to yourself and them to show up as your best.

I detailed my own journey navigating the above questions in my internationally bestselling book, Stop Living on Autopilot and also talked about it on the NBC Today Show.

One of my favorite examples to share is from when I was in the thick of a challenging time in my life and career. To cope, I found myself sneaking away to smoke cigarettes. I would wear a bright green garden glove to keep the odor off my hands and out of my wife’s mind. One day a homeless man joined me for a smoke and asked why I was wearing the glove. When I explained he poignantly replied, “You need to figure that *expletive* out.”

As funny as that story is today, the interaction was a major catalyst in my steps toward becoming better. His words rang loudly in my head, and I decided then to quit smoking and take ownership of my life. 

That wasn’t the first time I found myself at a crossroads. I experienced the same nudge into the unknown before I moved from my small hometown to New York City. Friends and family thought I was “crazy” for giving up a steady position with benefits. There were similar sentiments when I left my career as an award-winning journalist in New York City to pursue leadership and development work in Los Angeles. 

Like myself, you probably greatly value the opinions of the stakeholders in your life. Your personal Allies of Glory if you will. But unlike the corporate world, this decision to change your life can only be yours.

You have two choices: Experience a slow self-destruction or commit to a course correction. 

The good news is, it’s never too late to find your drive again.

Take it from the 47 million Americans who quit their job in 2021. ‘The Great Resignation’, ‘The Great Reshuffle’, and ‘The Great Attrition’ have been the result. It seems the 2020 pandemic had an incredible effect on the way working Americans view the commonplace career and life trajectories. Instead of trailing the path made for them, they are forging their own.

No longer are most following the status quo; education -> career -> retirement -> living your desires. In fact, a study by McKinsey quoted the throughline for many workers who chose to quit as “optimism”. “People are confident enough that they don’t even need the other job in hand when they do move,” said the co-author of the report. “They’re like, ‘I’ll just quit and go find another job,’ and they’re not worried about it.”

How would you like to have that same confidence?

In response to these 47 million workers’ newfound empowerment, employers must figure out what it will take to hire and retain those open to new jobs. While 47 million is quite a lot of people, it’s not surprising that this has not been everyone’s experience. There are still accomplished professionals pushing their personal goals to the back burner. Stability, familiarity, tenure, proximity, and pay are among the reasons why.

When comparing the two groups it’s clear that both decided on which way, they wanted to drive their life. In contrast, the former group is in the driver’s seat while the latter is living on autopilot. 

If you find yourself in the second group, I’m here to remind you that you do have a say. You can reboot your life and find fulfillment right where you are. You don’t have to quit your job or move to Bali to follow your passion. You do, however, need to shift your perspective and commit to living courageously, replacing passivity with boldness.

You are capable enough to rebound. You are resourceful enough to tap your community. You are creative enough to utilize unconventional methods. You are brave enough to go after your dreams. 

And spoiler alert – it all works out! I am living proof.

I have lived the uneasiness of growing pains and the distress of the unknown. I have also lived the freedom of following my dreams. The peace in knowing I was no longer stuck thinking about what-ifs but could relish in the reality of my goals. 

I don’t have all the answers. But I do have the right questions. Questions that will help you get unstuck and make the right decisions. 

Since rediscovering my own, I’ve committed to helping others find their spark again too. 

That’s why I created The Decision Maker Career Coaching System.

If you find yourself always trying to figure it out, lacking confidence, or confused about your next steps, this free system will help you get unstuck once and for all.

Plus, the questions are meant for users to take a dive deep into their mind, will, and emotions and so create the solutions they’ve been desiring. In the end, you will build momentum and create real progress in your life.

I believe clarity comes with movement and movement comes after you decide. 

Whether quitting, recommitting, or shifting, the first step to pursuing your goals is knowing exactly what they are. 

The Decision Maker is specifically tailored to assist you in getting clear on what you want in your life and career. 

This system is a step-by-step coaching experience in the convenience of your own home. The who, what, where, when, and why behind your current state, where you’re going ultimately, and the space between the two will be revealed. In the end, they’ll all come together to help you decide what your next step should be.

Once you utilize The Decision Maker, you will be empowered to stop going through the motions and break the patterns that keep you living on autopilot. You will get clear on what you want in your career, closing all unnecessary “apps” in your life, and remain focused. You will decide once and for all that inspires and excites you. 

‘Stop Living on Autopilot’ is a raw and inspiring how-to guide that will help you recommit to your life, find your drive, and take action to stay bold, honest, and accountable for lasting happiness.

My free new coaching system, The Decision Maker, is a tool designed to move you from “figuring it out” to making the best decision to improve your career.

The Decision Maker Career Coaching System has been experienced by thousands of people with rave reviews. 

Here’s what participants are saying about it…

“The Decision Maker helped me analyze the pros and cons associated with making a career decision. I learned a lot about what was holding me back, and it helped me to understand that it’s okay to have so many mixed emotions. In the end, you can trust that the choice you made is the right one for you.” – Kelly, Financial Industry Executive

“When grappling with the anxiety that accompanies a major professional expansion, The Decision Maker helped me to see that I already have what I need—except perhaps a grounded sense of faith and trust. Going through the process rekindled those missing elements. I can imagine others using the tool to unearth difficult truths that propel necessary action. What is so effective, powerful, and clarifying about Antonio’s tool (I want to say mirror) is that it asks just the right questions. Antonio understands something very important: the answers always lie within ourselves. – Caitlin, Artist & Educator

“The Decision Maker, more than helping me make a decision, helped me talk—or write—out loud some of my thoughts and helped me prioritize my task actions. In helping me vet my options, it made me feel better about the next steps in my process. What is great about The Decision Maker is the tone—very welcoming, enthusiastic, and positive.” – Daniel, Project Manager

“The Decision Maker helped me figure out what matters most and how my decision would impact that. It made me realize the tradeoffs between my options are deeper than surface level. Using The Decision Maker taught me about myself and made a choice that had been sitting on my mind for months obvious in a half hour. – Jon, Software Engineer

“The Decision Maker helped me explore in a different way to make a decision that I wouldn’t have been able to make without the help of the decision maker.” – Aaron, Teacher

If you’re ready to cut out the mental pinball machine and get clarity on your direction, use The Decision Maker today!

This unique step-by-step coaching system isn’t just applicable to finding certainty in your career. It fits all decisions from moving to a new city to changing industries, going back to school, starting a new company, and much more.

Don’t let anything hold you back from living a life you would be proud to call your own.

Join the thousands of participants already taking back the reigns of their lives.

In The Decision Maker you’ll go through a carefully designed guided coaching process where you answer 25 questions that will lead to your decision. 

It is time you change the narrative that says because you’ve put a certain number of years into a company or career or lifestyle that you can’t redirect your life.

As humans, we are made to evolve, grow, transform, and adapt. Those are processes you never have to apologize for. Every area of your life will benefit from you being sure about what you want.

Having clarity professionally and personally is never a waste of time. Finding what sparks your interest and lights your flame again is ideal in the process of taking your life off autopilot.

I believe the best thing to happen hasn’t happened yet. And you’ll never know what the best looks like until you start making decisions.

The cost of procrastination is the life you could have lived.

You’re one decision away from a better career! Let The Decision Maker Career Coaching System help you today!

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