Unshakeable Self Confidence with Billy Atwell on The Best Thing Podcast with Antonio Neves

Episode 71 – Unshakeable Self Confidence with Billy Atwell


5 Questions To Change Your Life

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In this episode of The Best Thing, Antonio Neves talks to the host of the top ranking Apple podcast Unshakeable Self Confidence, Billy J. Atwell.

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Since 2016 Billy has helped people across the world get to the root of their self-doubt, overcome their painful past, and teach them how to truly transform into confident individuals. Billy is also the author of the book, Unshakeable Self Confidence and the monthly digital magazine, Rising Phoenix.

In this powerful conversation, Billy shares his experience of almost being strangled to death and “understanding what hell is” and his path forward from this life altering event.

Quick Episode Summary

  • What to expect today
  • Get to know Billy
  • Why Billy loves to interview people
  • Billy’s relationship with fear
  • The people that are attracted to Billy’s podcast
  • You are the Devine having a human experience 
  • How Billy uses meditation to pressure truth
  • Listening to the only voice that matters
  • Constantly showing up is key in all areas 
  • What to do if you want to get real results
  • Billy’s answer to – The Best Thing?
  • Where Christianity goes wrong
  • You are called to be the light

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1 thought on “Episode 71 – Unshakeable Self Confidence with Billy Atwell”

  1. Wonderful Interview between you & Billy…..I definitely appreciate your style of asking meaningful questions and having a genuine conversation….very interesting and helpful. Antonio, I appreciate your listing the keypoints to be able to more readily follow the conversation as well as the list of resources. Thank you for an informative and enlightening interview!!!
    Warmest wishes,
    Susan Visconti

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