The Best Thing podcast with Quibi and NBC's Shawna Thomas

Episode 23 – Shawna Thomas

If You're Worried About Someone, Say Something


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In this episode of The Best Thing, I talk to NBC News and MSNBC political contributor, and Quibi executive, Shawna Thomas.

In our poignant conversation, Shawna talks about how the death of a dear high school friend taught her a very important lesson. She shares how she learned that if you’re worried about someone, don’t wait to have the tough conversations no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Meet Shawna Thomas
  • Be willing to stand for something
  • About Quibi
  • How to work with powerful personalities
  • If you’re worried about someone, don’t wait
  • Never assume someone is ok
  • Good leaders are emotionally aware
  • Be willing to have tough conversations

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