The Best Thing Podcast with Career Coach and Author Kathy Caprino

Episode 13: Kathy Caprino

You Can Choose What You Want To Be In This World


5 Questions To Change Your Life

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In this episode of The Best Thing, Antonio Neves talks to author and women’s career success and work-life expert, Kathy Caprino.

In this powerful conversation, they talk about the best thing to happen to Kathy that would never appear on a resume, bio or come up in conversation. Kathy shares how getting laid off from a high-powered corporate job changed her life forever.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Meet Kathy
  • What makes Kathy a good coach
  • How to operate in empathy and not judgment
  • The importance of having a methodology
  • The best thing that happened to Kathy
  • How Kathy responded to a layoff
  • The pendulum effect 
  • Choosing who you want to be
  • Be a beginner again
  • Create your own momentum 
  • The advice Kathy would give her past self

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