Are You Playing To Win Or Not To Lose on The Best Thing Podcast with Antonio Neves

Episode 68 – Are You Playing To Win Or Not To Lose?


5 Questions To Change Your Life

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In this episode of The Best Thing, Antonio Neves does a deep dive on “one thing.” The “one thing” for this episode is about are you playing to win in life, or playing not to lose. Antonio goes all in on how to play to WIN.

In these episodes, I talk about a thought or idea that has positively changed my life, or the lives of people I’ve coached one-on-one or with my group coaching programs.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Let’s jump in – How is life going?
  • What you can learn from American football,
  • A common reason why high performers start struggling.
  • How have you shown up the past 30 days?
  • What the last month will tell you.
  • What have you stopped doing that got you here today?
  • Commitment is not a one-time thing.
  • Play to win, don’t play to lose. 

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