Saying Goodbye To A Friend

Episode 112 – Saying Goodbye To A Friend


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Recently, and unexpectedly, I lost one of my closet friends on the planet. We met during sophomore year in college. We have been the closest of friends ever since.

He was one of those dudes that when they showed up things got better. When a text arrived from him I would smile with anticipation as I opened it and read it. He made me smile big smiles and laugh big laughs. He made me better.

As I read what I just wrote above, I wonder why I didn’t do a podcast about him prior to his death.

In this episode of The Antonio Neves Show, I talk about this painful loss, saying goodbye to a friend, the challenge of processing it, and how the “middle” will gnaw at you.

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Quick Episode Summary

  • Why this episode is different? Have you lost someone close recently? If so, you know what this feels like.
  • One of the most challenging speaking engagements Antonio has ever had
  • Why the middle is a dangerous place to be
  • Why being intentional is so important
  • Here’s to living our best life, together

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