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Stuck? In A Funk? Figuring Things Out? TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR CAREER?

If you're not where you want to be in your career, you probably ask yourself questions like:

Is this what

I’m supposed to be doing with my life?

Should I stay

or go?

Is this as good

as it’s going to get?

Is it time

to change industries?

Should I go

back to school?

Did I miss

my big opportunity?

Have I played

it too safe?

Is this what

I’m supposed to be doing with my life?

Should I

quit my job?

Should I move

to a new city?

If these sound familiar, you’ve been “figuring things out” for far too long. Not making a decision in your career is costing you far too much. It’s time to act. Make a career decision today!


The Decision Maker Career Coaching System™

The Decision Maker helped me analyze the pros and cons associated with making a career decision. I learned a lot about what was holding me back, and it helped me to understand that it’s okay to have so many mixed emotions. In the end, you can trust that the choice you made is the right one for you.



The Decision Maker Will Help You:

Going Through The Motions

Break the patterns that keep you living on autopilot in your career.

Get Clear On What You Want

Close all unnecessary “apps” in your life and get focused.

Make A Decision Once And For All

Make a decision that inspires and excites you.

The Decision Maker helped me realize that not making a decision is actually making a decision. And that’s what was really holding me back from living a life I would be proud to call my own.

- Zoe, Product Manager -

A bestselling author, award-winning journalistic, and proven success coach approach to making a decision.

Based on my experience as a top success coach for hundreds of clients, the author of the bestselling book Stop Living on Autopilot, and as an award-winning journalist (NBC, PBS, etc.), I’ve carefully designed a proprietary coaching process to help you make a decision in your career that creates real momentum.

A step-by-step coaching experience at the convenience of your home.

You’ll go through a carefully-designed guided coaching process where you answer 25 questions that will lead to your decision.

Once you complete, all of your responses and your decision will be emailed directly to you.

One unique questionnaire, that fits all your decisions

The Decision Maker is made for anyone who needs to make real life decisions relating to their career but doesn’t have access to a professional coach.

Whether you need to:


  • Decide if it’s time for you to change jobs
  • Move to a new city
  • Change industries
  • Go back to school
  • Start a company
  • Or something else…

The Decision Maker Career Coaching System is as close to real coaching as it gets.


The Decision Maker helped me explore in a different way to make a decision that I wouldn’t have been able to make without the help of the decision maker. 

- Aaron, Teacher

When grappling with the anxiety that accompanies a major professional expansion, The Decision Maker helped me to see that I already have what I need—except perhaps a grounded sense of faith and trust. Going through the process rekindled those missing elements. I can imagine others using the tool to unearth difficult truths that propel necessary action. What is so effective, powerful and clarifying about Antonio’s tool (I want to say mirror) is that it asks just the right questions. Antonio understands something very important: the answers always lie within ourselves.

- Caitlin, Artist & Educator

The Decision Maker helped me be 100% honest with myself and my goals and aspirations. It has also motivated me to give myself a timeframe to act upon my decision.

- Dentist

The Decision Maker helped me focus my thoughts in a way I hadn’t yet done due to the fact that I had to follow a curated process and write down each of my responses.

- Chris, Financial Advisor

The Decision Maker, more than helping me make a decision, helped me talk—or write—out loud some of my thoughts and helped me prioritize my task actions. In helping me vet my options, it made me feel better about the next steps in my process. What is great about The Decision Maker is the tone—very welcoming, enthusiastic, and positive.

- Daniel, Project Manager

The Decision Maker helped me cut out the mental pinball machine and get clarity on my direction.

- Jess, Business Owner

I’m Antonio Neves

I’m the best-selling author of Stop Living on Autopilot, a success coach, and award-winning journalist.


I don’t have all the answers. But I do have the right questions. Questions that will help you get unstuck and make decisions.


I know firsthand what it feels and looks like to be stuck and to not know how to make those next big decisions.


After some hard-won lessons, I also know what it’s like to make those tough decisions to reimagine my future and course-correct my life.


For over 10 years—with my coaching, books, and speaking—I’ve helped people across the world do the exact same thing. Now, I want to help you. move past the turmoil, anxiety, and fear to start a new chapter in your life.


I believe the best thing to happen to you hasn’t happened yet. And you’ll never know what the best looks like until you start making decisions.


I don’t want you to wait until a life-altering event happens for you to start living the life you want. You are the life-altering event your life is waiting for.


So get ready for some tough, but necessary, questions to help you reboot, reset and refuel your life.


You have a decision to make.

The Decision Maker helped me figure out what matters most and how my decision would impact that. It made me realize the tradeoffs between my options deeper than surface level. Using The Decision Maker taught me about myself and made a choice that had been sitting on my mind for months obvious in a half hour.

- Jon, Software Engineer -

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