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Bring Day 1 Energy & Play To Win

Antonio’s excitement helped refuel our managers at our statewide meeting.  His humble demeanor and electric personality were a great fit with our culture and our managers couldn’t stop talking about many of the takeaways Antonio left us with.

- Kent Oram -
Idaho Central Credit Union President/CEO


Stop Complacency

People identify and break patterns that keep them on cruise control.

Real Results

Learn actionable strategies and tools to immediately apply.

A Clear Blueprint

People walk away fired up with increased energy for the road ahead.

Our all-staff development day promised to present Antonio with a challenge: engage all levels of employees within the credit union. Seeing the level of engagement and reading the evaluations, I know Antonio connected with the audience and challenged our employees. Since the event, I have listened to countless employees tell me how Antonio’s keynote caused them to realign their priorities. He was an excellent choice.

Derrick Dickens
Director Training & Development, Langley Federal Credit Union

Antonio Neves is an award-winning journalist, known as the “best credit union keynote speaker,” and success coach known for asking the tough questions that help people get unstuck. His personal development tools have been adopted across corporate America and by global organizations for nearly a decade.

The author of four books including Stop Living On Autopilot, Antonio is also the host of The Antonio Neves Show podcast where he reminds people that no matter where they stand today, their story is far from over. Inspired by his own transformation, Antonio helps people face critical decisions so they can reboot, reset and refuel their lives.

Over the past 10 years, he has helped hundreds of companies, teams, and events. Antonio has shared his message with credit unions nationwide and on stages worldwide. Audiences include Google, Amazon, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Visa,, Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and Stanford University. He has also been featured on the TODAY Show, Forbes, PBS,, Thrive Global, and more.

A credit union favorite with his signature humor and inspiring real-talk, Antonio’s programs leave attendees empowered and equipped with the tools to combat complacency, become bolder and more inspired, and drive engagement for better results. 

Prior to starting his own business, Antonio worked as a correspondent in New York City with top television networks including NBC, PBS and BET Networks for over 10 years. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University and holds a Masters degree from Columbia University. 

A leading expert, Antonio speaks on stages and virtually to thousands of leaders each year at major organizations worldwide, teaching them how to “Find the Edge.”

“Antonio was exceptional. He provided a “vaccine” against mediocrity and accepting the status quo.”
Max Villaronga – CEO, TFCU

Antonio was a phenomenal speaker for our recent Visa event. Visa is currently in our midyear review cycle, so the timing of his presentation allowed Visa teammates to reflect on our individual goals and progress to re-energize going into the second half of our fiscal year. Antonio’s presentation was energetic, relatable, and engaging. The event captured over 400 attendees during the live event and many more watched the recording.

- Emily Leach -

Vice President, Fintech Enablement, Emerging Payment Solutions


Antonio was our keynote speaker for our Sales Kick-off and he spoke creatively, emotionally, and personally to each of us. Antonio left us all feeling motivated and inspired to want to do better today than we did yesterday and to do better tomorrow than we did today.

Kevin Boland
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Antonio is a very talented and dynamic speaker. He did a nice job challenging our management team to own our influence and be great 100% of the time. He provided us with many tools and resources that will help us grow, both as employees and as leaders of our organization. Our time with Antonio was very valuable and time well spent.

Keith Mesch
CEO, Veridian Credit Union

“Antonio’s energy and passion are truly contagious. He draws the crowd in and keeps them engaged with high energy, compelling stories, and relevant thought leadership. We were so thrilled with the quality of his presentation, got so much great feedback, and can’t wait to have him back again!”

Lauren Culp
CEO, CUInsight

Antonio is a natural on the big stage, integrates his own personal stories to our message and has a unique ability to engage and connect with our audience. Additionally, Antonio addresses our Young Professionals at the event and is always the highest rated speaker.

Todd Spiczenski
Chief Products & Services Officer, Credit Union National Association

Antonio came as a guest speaker at our virtual offsite and knocked it out of the park! His energy was infectious, and the session chat window lit up with folks thanking Antonio or sharing personal anecdotes related to the messages Antonio was sharing. People were so engaged and many of them told me offline that it was the best session at our offsite! One attendee spoke for all of us when they said “Don’t goooooo Antonio!!” as the session was wrapping up.

Saurabh Saharan
Chief of Staff, Global IT, Equinix



Find The Edge Again: Rekindle The Spark That Makes You Energized, Engaged & Bold

“Antonio Neves brings so much energy to the stage, it’s impossible not to love his sessions. Our members enjoy Antonio’s content and that he provides actionable items each session they can take back to both their work and personal lives. He is relatable to all audiences and was easy to work with, you will want to bring him in for your next event.”

Amber Bailey, Cornerstone Credit Union League


Whether you’re a leader at the helm of an organization or a professional at a crossroads in your career, you know a simple truth: in these complicated times, it’s more challenging than ever to feel motivated.

But that feeling of disengagement and low morale is pernicious—once it sets in, it rarely just blows over. And if left unchecked, it can lead to burnout that has a long-term effect on a company’s success.

So how do you hit the reset button to rekindle excitement, increase focus, and get clear again on what’s most important? Antonio helps audiences find that edge again with three critical steps to boost workplace engagement, establish a culture of allies, and create systems for personal accountability and measurable results.


Backed by research and proven results detailed in the bestselling book, Stop Living on Autopilot, this highly-rated program helps leaders, teams, and employees recommit to a shared vision in a way that aligns with their own goals as individuals, too. Finding this alignment of passion helps improve performance, combat complacency, and encourage creative decision-making.


Join Antonio for this talk to refuel energy, rekindle excitement, and recommit to being bold.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Reignite the energy and drive that they brought to the table on day one
  • Create a culture of allies that encourages contributing rather than settling
  • Find purpose in their work and take action to spark positive change
  • Reframe challenges as opportunities they can leverage to their advantage
  • Recommit to a long-term mission that helps them power through tough times


How to Bring Day 1 Energy to Every Day Without Getting Burnt Out

Feel like your work or your team’s work is in a rut? It’s natural to have ebbs and flows in our energy but when success suffers because of it, it’s time to re-evaluate. In this brand new keynote, Antonio is teaching everyone from individuals to entire companies on how to bring day 1 energy—that insatiable energy we all had on the first day of the job—back into the workplace.


Audiences Will Learn:
● How to identify the things you stopped doing that led to your initial success and reintroduce them to your life and work
● What it looks like to play to lose and how to ensure your team is actually playing to win
● Why we all need to start living and working based on our standards and values versus our emotions

Stop Living on Autopilot: How to Start Actually Caring About Your Life

If you looked back over the past 30 days of your life, what would you find? Were you coasting? Giving it your all? Sinking into mediocrity? Taking inventory of the last 30 days determines where you are or are not heading in your life. But no matter where you stand today, your story isn’t over yet. A new chapter begins right now. Informed by Antonio’s popular book, Stop Living on Autopilot, this talk provides guidance on how to take inventory of your life so far to be able to move forward into the best thing that is yet to happen.

Audiences Will Learn:

● How to take proper stock of the past 30 days to measure what progress is or isn’t being made toward your dreams
● Why you need to start acting like you care about your life because no one can, or will, care more about your life than you do
● What expiration date your dreams have and how to act on them before time runs out

Your Rescue Squad Isn’t Coming: It’s Time to Be Your Own Benefactor

It’s easy to believe and live like life is just happening to us but that mindset relinquishes all accountability for our circumstances and gives us an excuse to sit back and wait for the rescue squad. Antonio is here to break the spell and remind us all that the rescue squad isn’t coming. In fact, it doesn’t even exist. His message: You are the life-altering event your life is waiting for.

Audiences Will Learn:
● Why a new job, new zip code, or more money can’t save you from your unhappiness or discontent (hint: only you can save yourself— it’s an inside job)
● How to find and surround yourself with allies—people who are excited to see you win
● How to embrace the mindset that no one owes you anything but you owe yourself everything (and how it frees you up to move forward and succeed)

Book Antonio to Speak

“Techstars, the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, recently had Antonio speak to our employees. Not only did they leave inspired, but they appreciated his energy and message to be intentional with their lives. Thanks for your message Antonio!”

-John Hill, VP of Network


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Just a few of Antonio’s Clients and Audiences

Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Stanford University
Credit Union National Association
Stryker Medical Instruments
Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
StarRez, Inc.
Idaho Central Credit Union
Southern California Edison
New York City Advertising Week
Grinnell Mutual 
American Institute of CPAs
Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources
ASHP Pharmacists
American Advertising Association
Tinker Federal Credit Union
Idaho Central Credit Union
University of Georgia
National Youth Leadership Forum
Langley Federal Credit Union
University of Wisconsin
National Association of Colleges & Employers
Intl Association of Ice Cream Distributors
Xceed Financial Credit Union
Cornerstone Credit Union League
West Virginia Department of Tourism

Mobiloil Credit Union

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