7 Day Get Unstuck Challenge from Stop Living on Autopilot author Antonio Neves

Make Your Next Move With Confidence!

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If you’re not exactly where you want to be in your life or career, odds are you feel stuck.

If you’re not exactly where you want to be in your life or career, odds are you feel stuck.

Maybe you’re in a bit of funk.

It might feel like you’re living on autopilot with each day feeling the same.

Or, you’ve been figuring things out for far too long and unwilling to make a decision.

You may be asking yourself questions like:

-What’s my next move?
-Did I miss my big opportunity?
-Why do I always feel so stressed and anxious?
-Have I played it too safe?
-Is this as good as it’s going to get?

Here’s the deal: Not making a decision is making a decision.

So, it’s time to stop worrying.

It’s time to enjoy the peace and confidence that comes with knowing your next move and attacking it with excitement and confidence.

It’s time to get UNSTUCK once and for all.

For over 10 years, with my books, speaking and coaching, I’ve helped thousands of people get unstuck, make decisions with confidence, and make real progress on what matters most in their career, relationships, finances, health and more.

Now, it’s your turn.

Know this:

The best thing to happen to you is ahead of you (not behind you.)

Antonio Neves possesses the IT factor in ways that modern leaders and change makers need. His questions are invaluable and our work together memorable. His work isn’t just coaching, it’s framework to creating a legacy. My legacy. I look forward to our continued work together. “


What People say about antonio's book stop living on autopilot

If it’s time to make a bold and courageous shift in your life, Stop Living On Autopilot is the guide you need.

Marie Forleo

New York Times best-selling author of Everything Is Figureoutable

If you find yourself feeling disconnected from your life, your family and your career, read this book. Antonio’s writing, and in turn his heart, leaps off of the page and will help you rekindle that spark in everything that you pursue.

Jon Gordon

Best-selling author of The Carpenter and The Energy Bus

Stop Living on Autopilot is the hard look in the mirror I didn’t know I needed. This book will invite you to look deep inside you and discover opportunities to make a shift to live the life you want. Antonio has this way of writing that makes you laugh, cry and be inspired all on the same page. If you’re looking for that wake up call to live the life you want, this book is it.

Jess Ekstrom

Best selling author of Chasing The Bright Side

Stop Living On Autopilot helps people overcome any obstacles to reach their ultimate potential. Antonio’s approach to transformation drives people to become the hero of their own story and realize they were born for greatness.

Lewis Howes

New York Times best-selling author and host of The School of Greatness

For anyone who has ever felt lost, stuck, or is rethinking everything, Stop Living on Autopilot will help you recommit to your dreams and reimagine your future.

Elaine Welteroth

New York Times bestselling author of More Than Enough

Stop Living On Autopilot is an inspiring and practical guide that helps people who feel stuck get back on track in their life and find happiness and fulfillment right where they are. Antonio’s direct writing, hard-won lessons and strategies empower readers to become the architect of their life so they can feel better and live more.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Best-selling author of Feel Better in 5

Hi, I’m Antonio!


Today, the internet will tell you that I’m the best-selling author of Stop Living on Autopilot, a top success coach and internationally recognized speaker. But the internet doesn’t tell the whole story. 5 years ago my life looked completely different.


I was “successful” but stuck in my life. I experienced challenges in my marriage, as a parent, with my career, my health (I gained over 30 pounds and found myself in the emergency room) and I was stressed like never before. Long story short, I was living life on cruise control. I thought my best days were behind me.


In the midst of chaos, I came to realize that my dreams had an expiration date if I didn’t act on them.


With some hard-won lessons, I reimagined my future and course-corrected my life. Now, I want to help you do the same.  You can find happiness and fulfillment right where you are.

While blessed with a successful career, I was looking for a fresh, outside perspective on other aspects of my life. I wasn’t seeking an advisor to directly tell me what to do, instead I wanted a thoughtful ally to ask insightful, sometimes pointed questions, to help me reframe my perspective on various actions and thought patterns I was taking - often just by default. Working with Antonio was an incredibly productive and refreshing exercise that I’d recommend highly.

- Goldman Sachs Partner -

how the 7-day challenge works.

Step 01.

Daily Emails

For 7 days, receive an email with a short assignment to complete to get unstuck.

Step 02.

Take Action

Complete the assignment and create momentum.

Step 03.

See Results

In just 7 short days, you’ll create awesome momentum to end the year strong.

7 Days & 7 Simple Actions To Reignite Your Life

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