5 Things I'm Excited About November 12

5 Things I’m Excited About – Nov 12, 2021


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1. Get Unstuck
Stuck in your life or career? Curious if you have played it too safe? Regularly feel stressed and anxious? Wonder if this is as good as it’s going to get? If so, join a few thousand other people for my 7-Day Get Unstuck Challenge. It starts Monday, November 15th. Sign up HERE.

2. Great Parenting Advice (Even If You’re Not A Parent)
Daily Dad is one of my favorite parenting blogs. Loved this quote from a recent post: “You can’t let a bad day or a bad person prevent you from being a good parent. You can’t bring your garbage from the office into your home. Your kids deserve a safe and happy home. They deserve a father who keeps the house free of your stress and problems and worries.” Amen. Read more HERE.

3. It’s Not A Family. It’s Work!
The whole “We’re a family” culture vibe at the office thing never sat well with me. Especially in the jobs I got fired from. In my opinion, work is work. Family is family. Sure, we spend a lot of time at work and build relationships and all…but if folks weren’t getting paid, they wouldn’t be there. This article on the toxic effects of calling the workplace a family got my attention. Read MORE

4. How To Poop Better
What do metabolic health, morning hydration, smoothie recipes that won’t spike your blood sugar, how to poop better and why you need a coffee break have in common? They were all topics of the fantastic ‘Try This’ newsletter from my dear friend, Dhru Purohit. Hands down, this is my favorite health and wellness newsletter and it makes my life better. I have a feeling you’re going to thank me for introducing you to it. Check out the archives HERE and sign up for the newsletter HERE.

5. Meetings Are Ruining Your Life
In February 2020, it was estimated that the typical professional had 3 meetings a day. Today, that number has increased to about 5 meetings per day (most being one-on-ones). It blows my mind that today the average professional today spends 21.5 hours a week in meetings (can you imagine how many hours an above average professional spends?) Frankly, that’s too damn much time. How is any work actually getting done (Hint: It’s not). Read more HERE.

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